Tuesday, July 06, 2010

maybe i'll paint like van gogh

Remember the no-fast-food battle? Well, I lost. I had McD's Big Breakfast last Saturday. And half a can of Coke like, 15 minutes ago. I lost. I failed. Regrets? Sorry, folks, I don't do regrets. I learned. Aaaaaand... I think I'm craving for a piping hot serving of Hot & Spicy fried chicken. Oh no! Forget it, forget it. There is no spoon, there is no spoon, there is no spoon... Eh. I heard the pockets tortilla is delish. Oh, err...

Moving on...

I think I'm loving life as a single lady. Yes, baby, I'm loving it! But there is one little problem. Now that I am single, the other un-single ladies are thinking I'm gonna snatch their boyfriends away any time. Pfffft! Do I have the word 'Desperate' tattooed across my forehead or what? Gimme a bloody break. It's not like I cannot live without men, mind you. I'm all for friends and friends only. And no, I don't want your boyfriends, thank you very much. I'm pretty much happier on my own, honestly. I don't have to jaga hati another person. I don't have to report today's lunch to anyone. I don't have to explain why that guy is calling me 'Dearie'. Freedom, my friends, is sweet indeed. Besides, I don't think I'm able to trust my heart to another, yet.

It's a big lie if I say I'm not hurt. I still am in the healing process. Time heals, as the saying goes. And so I'm going along with time, slowly but surely mending the broken pieces of my heart. I'm okay, folks. Really I am. So don't worry about me. I'll live. I'll kick some asses. And I can do just fine on my own. I have friends who keep cheering me up. Even if their ways are not the most conventional of ways. They make me laugh. They make me happy. And they certainly care. That's enough for me. And I have my sisters. More than enough.

Maybe, it's not written for me. Maybe, there are other things written for me. I believe that everything happened for a reason. Don't you? Maybe today's not my day. But nevertheless, I live. I'm breathing. What's a broken heart compared to the crisis in Gaza? Whoa. That's deep! Even for me. Maybe I should stop reading 'serious' books for a while and go back to my chick lits? At least, the chicks got their tall, dark and handsome men.

Or maybe I'll just go and grab KFC's Toasted Pocketful.

Tempted yet?

P/S: No, this is not a promotion for KFC. I'm just... hungry.

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