Wednesday, January 26, 2011

miracles do exist

Dear friends, remember Baby Aliff?

If no, let me remind you.

Baby Aliff was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital Ampang on 07th October 2010 due to subdural haemotoma or pendarahan otak. According to the doctors, Aliff suffered the bleeding due to either a fall, being shaken hard or terhantuk. Read more here.

More than 3 months has passed after that fateful day, which a month spent at the ICU for Baby Aliff. How's Baby Aliff doing now? I am more than happy to report that Baby Aliff is now well on his way to recovery. He's an active little boy. A super boy, if you will.

A month after being discharged from Hospital Ampang, Aliff and his mother again were being tested when HKL confirmed that there are still excess of liquids in Aliff's brain. Aliff's head had to be perforated to drain the excess liquids out. Two holes were made on top of his little head and tubes were inserted for that purpose, as you can see in the picture. Most of the time, Aliff was cranky and moody. His fever comes and goes while he went through it all. Needless to say, Aliff had gone through a lot more than some of us. And he is still a baby. But he is one strong baby.

But now he's no longer cooped in the hospital. The scar from the perforation remains to remind those who know Aliff of his ordeal. What matters is that Aliff survives. Alhamdulillah. Allah has given Aliff a strong will and spirit. Allah has given Aliff's mother the most precious gift ever; his life. And Aliff makes us all believe in the power of prayers and of course, miracles.

Aliff is now going through series of therapies to strengthen his head and neck. Along the way, generous souls have come forward to help Aliff and his mother, to lighten the burden of the single mother. Dr. Sazlina, especially, has been a lot of of help. A lot. Thank you, Dr. Saz. We can't thank you enough. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless all of you who have help Aliff in so many ways and for your prayers.

This is Baby Aliff now. He's doing really well. He 'talks' a lot. He can turn over on his own, though he does need some support because his neck and head is still weak. Though he is one month behind his development, Baby Aliff is catching up fast. He's a sweet little angel. He captures my heart. He captures the hearts of all the those who meet him.

Oops, puting tercabut pulak!

My heartfelt thanks again to all of you for the prayers and the help. Aliff is still here with us because of it. Thank you so very much.

Dear Aliff, be a good boy and grow up fast, okay? I love you, kiddo. Even when you're cranky.

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