Tuesday, January 28, 2014

for the love of pavlova!

"Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert named after the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. It is a meringue dessert with a crisp crust and soft, light inside." - Wikipedia
Pavlova is, I am quite sure, a well-known dessert by now. The dessert for the hipsters, some would say. Lantak kau sana kau nak kata apa pun. To me it's a dessert, a food. Hipster ka, tak hipster ka, belakang cerita. Food, we eat. Good food, we share. Bad food, well, we share also la!

So, I've heard much ruckus about Serai's pavlova. From the blogosphere, from my sisters and around. So last Saturday, I decided to drag Hubster for a taste of Serai's much-talked pavlova. Takde baby dalam perut pun, kalau dah isteri nak, suaminya ikutkan aje. Sweet kan husband ittew? Sweet angattt! *muntah hijau*

At first, wanted to go to Serai in Empire Subang, but decided against it after much persuasion from Hubster. Dia cakap Empire Subang takde apa. Padahal, aku tau dia malas nak pusing ke sana. Hahaha! So we went to Serai Paradigm Mall instead. I like the ambiance of Serai Paradigm Mall, to be honest. Warm, cozy and rather intimate. We were given a rather secluded table, nun hujung dekat tingkap buat aku rasa gayat nak mampos. We perused through the menu, and I was thinking "Pehhh, boleh tahan harga makanan kat Serai ni!" To me, the price range is a bit too steep. Takpe, we just wanna try the dessert, after all.

Berry Pavlova - RM 15.00
The pavlova arrived, looking all regal and pretty with the berries on top. But. Yes, but. Looking at the pavlova, I know instantly that it will not be soft inside. In fact, when I poked the dessert with a fork, it didn't budge. The pavlova, ladies and gentlemen, was hard through and through. Kau tengokla warna dia, 'garing' semacam je, kan? It's more of a cookie texture, rather than marshmallow-y as it should be. Hubster kata macam kon aiskrim yang 20 sen tu. Hahaha! And I did detect a hint of eggy smell and taste. Hanyir telur ada sikit.

Result: A disappointment. Kau gagal, wahai pavlova Serai.

We ordered another dessert as well. The chocolate lava cake. Hubster punya favorite dessert. Nak try la tengok power ke tak power Serai punya chocolate lava cake.

Chocolate Lava Cake - RM 15.00
Okay, when the dessert first arrived, the first thing I said was "Eleh, keciknya kek!" Really, the cake was a tiny little thing. Macam sekali suap, terus habis. I mean, Chili's punya dalam RM 20, tapi kek dia can feed us both dengan puas. Then I noticed the ice cream. Aik, kuning? Aiskrim vanilla hape kaler kuning ni? Ke aiskrim jagung? Hubster took a bite and said "Fish & Co punya lagi sedap."

Result: Fail. Fail. Fail. Sad. Presentation je gah.

I'm not done yet, my friends. Just not yet. 

Behold, ladies and gentlemen, for the best pavlova ever!

Breezy Sue Pavlova - RM 80.00
Yes, oh yes, oh yes! Made to order pavlova from Cake Jalan Tiung! I fell in love. I just fell. Head. Heels. Everything. The pavlova was exactly what a pavlova should be. The crust was crispy just nicely so. And the inside was soft and chewy and delightful and oh-so-sedap that I'm actually salivating right now. The head baker, Shafinaz, WhatsApp-ed me beforehand, apologizing for overbaking the pavlova. Well, I don't know, Shaf. The pavlova was perfect for me. And for the rest of my family members.

The pavlova was not too sweet (pavlova tends to be on the sweeter side), the flavor was just nice. The amount of the whipped cream and the fresh berries were just enough to complement the meringue. My mother, a health freak, the jangan-makan-itu-ini kinda person, had extra. Yeah, she did. Not one single complain from her either. That could only mean Cake Jalan Tiung hit the mark once again after that Lemon Cake Spade I ordered for her birthday. I'll tell you guys about that cake some other time, alright?

Even Hubster loves the pavlova. Siap suruh order nak bawak balik Terengganu. My sisters and little brother, tak payah ceritalah. Sebiji pavlova tak cukup. Suruh order lagi. Next time la pulak!

Go ahead, give Cake Jalan Tiung a visit at their Facebook - CAKEjalantiung and their Instagram - @cakejalantiung. Their pavlova (and cakes, of course!) are to die for. Honest.

2 posts on food consecutively? Lantak!


  1. I don't like any food in Serai unfortunately. Pernah ada client kat Empire for 2 weeks so selalu jugak lunch dengan dinner kat Serai because my audit senior loves Serai :/

    Pavlova dia manis sangat, even to me. Rasanya most desserts dia pun manis sangat.

  2. Yeah, I noticed their pavlova is a bit too sweet. But being a pavlova amateur, I think it's still acceptable la kot.

    We decided not to eat at Serai after desserts yang failed. Right decision, come to think of it.


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