Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the semi-existence of molten chocolate cake

One fine day, I was in a buoyant mood. Tiba-tiba dok berangan nak buat chocolate cake. But not just any chocolate cake, mind you.

No experience, no confidence. Just armed with a recipe, I wanted to attempt a chocolate cake just like THIS:

Far-reaching, I know. Shut up already. Berangan, tahu, berangan?

So, I took out all the ingredients and fired away...

Tak cuba, tak tahu, kan? Kan? Kan? I had to try it. The recipe looks pretty simple...

Recipe is from here.

I followed the recipe right to the T. I did not deviate even one bit. Okay, so I might've put in a little bit more chocolate than the recipe called for. Sikit je, bukan banyak pun. It's chocolate, what can I say?

And then...

Looks promising, no? Oh, by the way, I don't have those individual molds or ramekins. Hence the baking pan. Belasah je la. Janji ada.

And then...

The moment of truth...

No molten center.
Chocolate cake, yes.
With soft center.

Yep, it was slightly overbaked. Tsk tsk.

Was I disappointed? Yeah, just a little. I wanted to surprise the husband with the cake as he loves molten chocolate cake. But he ate the cake, nevertheless. And he went "Mmmm... dap!" Good enough for me. Next time, we'll just stick to Chili's lah. Hahaha!

And on the very same day, I overwhipped my cream. Yeah.

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